Meet Our Pastors

We are passionate about the Kingdom of God and we have a dream of seeing this Kingdom culture invade every sphere of influence in our city and the nations. Presenting the Love of God to everyone that would receive it.
Ps Newton and Lilian Festus We are called to this city to equip, develop and provide mentoring to people from all walks of life to take the gospel of the Kingdom into all areas of the society, as they bring the influence of God practically into their daily lives.

Our mandate in a nutshell is to:

We believe that God is raising up a new breed and a new generation of David to defeat the 21st century giants. As the anointing flows into this generation, restoration of signs, wonders, miracles, gifts, callings and offices will raise up like the church has never seen before.

We are called to be stewards of that coming wave of glory and we are established as an Apostolic house to lay the foundation for this next shift from denominational to dimensional.

Ps Loani Henao : Caboolture Campus

Loani Henao