Mission, Core Values & Vision

IMG_4901This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.
And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 1 John 3:16

  • We are a church that loves God
  • We are a church that loves others
  • We are a church that make disciples

Core Values

  • Faith – In order to dominate a city with the gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps of faith and watch God move
  • Honor – We freely give honor to those above us, beside us and under us because of the calling and the potential He has placed inside them.
  • Discipleship – we are a maturing church. Our goal is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Worship – we are a worshiping church. Our goal is to express our devotion to God through joyful praise and intimate worship.
  • Outreach – we are an evangelistic church. Our goal is to reach lost people both near and far and influence our community for righteousness through evangelism, community outreach, missions and church planting.
  • Prayer – we are a praying church.Our goal is become a house of prayer for all nations.
  • Loving Relationships – we are a loving church. Our goal is to see every person loved and cared for in such a way that they feel accepted, valued and have a sense of belonging.
  • Diversity – we are a unified church. Our goal is to bridge racial, cultural, gender, socio-economic and generational gaps so as to create a community where all people can relate together in a spirit of love and unity.
  • Excellence – we are a quality church. Our goal is to pursue excellence in all aspects of church life in order to bring glory to God.

We have a dream

  • We see a church filled with fervent followers of Jesus Christ whose hearts are ablaze with love for God, love for one another and love for a needy world.
  • We see a church where the Great Commission is the first priority. People share their faith, the gospel is preached, churches are planted and nations are impacted.
  • We see a church of great compassion where the needy and hurting are drawn to find hope and answers to their problems. People are healed, set free and made whole.
  • We see a church of friendly, loving people who ensure that each person feels accepted, valued and has a sense of belonging.
  • We see a church where the very atmosphere is charged with fervent prayer, joyful praise, intimate worship and a spirit of faith and expectancy.
  • We see a church filled with the Holy Spirit, demonstrating his fruit, moving in his gifts and flowing in his power.
  • We see a church where God’s Word is taught in such a way that people align their values, attitudes and lifestyle to God’s kingdom.
The church that we see is so big that people can’t ignore it and growing so fast that buildings can’t contain it, yet it is so small that each person feels a vital part of it – connected together in a network of hundreds of small groups across the city for care, discipleship, ministry and outreach. We see a church with such passionate devotion, radical conviction and total commitment to the cause of Jesus Christ that the very gates of hell can’t stop it! “We see Waterbrook church as a dynamic, spirit-filled, multi-cultural church, numbering in the thousands, impacting our city, our nation and our world through leadership development and church planting.