Waterbrook Community Care

We have reached out to our community through getting involved in different ways:
  • Pancakes/Brekky clubs: we provide breakfast to different schools in our community for kids who usually leave their homes without any breakfast.
  • Sausage Sizzles: Another way of providing simple meals to school going kids in our community.
  • Food parcels: many struggling families in our community get to have simple food parcels or food vouchers.With the cost of living escalating, this is a simple way of blessing our community.
  • Food Nutrition and Finance seminars: with the help of professionals in these fields, we hold seminars frequently to equip individuals and families.
  • Free counselling and Mentoring: we have a great need in our community.We have been reaching out and working with young people from broken homes. Many are on the streets, around the shopping centres and around the train stations.
  • Christmas Carols
  • Kids Festivals

Future outreach

  • acquire a place for drug rehabilitation
  • train and empower teenage moms
  • offer vocational training
  • run different short sports clinics and tournaments e.g swimming,soccer,netball etc